Slim Gracefully with Glutaglow!

We can't help but eat a lot especially during Christmas time for this is the time to bond with family and friends. Worry no more, load up and be merry, just keep sachets of Glutaglow coffee and choco with you! Safe and effective to use.

Glutaglow was launched recently at the Makati Shangrila Hotel together with three other brands (GlamHigh, Immune Cee and Graceful Skin)  under AAA Cosmetics and Trading. 


The best way to ensure your skin to glow from the inside and out is by ensuring that you are mindful of the things you eat. Gluta Glow carries detox beverages that are focused on weight loss. We believe that by shedding the extra kilos, your overall health improves significantly.



 Gluta Glow is available in three flavors namely Cappuccino Coffee, Wintermelon Milk Tea, and Dark Chocolate. Introducing a fun way to enjoy delicious drinks without feeling guilty. Our products are FDA approved, ensuring its safety and effectivity.



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