AMCEN-MatDev Forum unveils DOST-ITDI AM Facilities and Services

Did you know that....
This building in Dubai was built out of 3D printing.

With the promising benefits and advantages that additive manufacturing or more popularly known as 3D printing can bring, DOST-ITDI headed by Director Annabelle Briones focused on this technology and came up with the very first DOST-ITDI AMCEN-MATDEV Stakeholders Forum  held last March 25, 2021 via Zoom and streamed on Facebook live.

Main objective of the forum is to present MATDEV Laboratory’s current and future activities on additive manufacturing (AM),  and to inform concerned industries to engage and make use of these facilities and services available for collaboration at the DOST-ITDI thru the AMCEN-MatDev group. 

DOST Secretary Fortunato “Boy” Dela Pena on his keynote address encourages the manufacturing industry to make use of the 3D printers, services, and facilities of ITDI.  He said, “Additive manufacturing is a great alternative to those companies that are dedicated to manufacturing goods on demand. Additive manufacturing is here to stay,” 

AM is the technique being used by the MATDEV Laboratory to produce models and prototypes directly from three-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design (CAD) without using any tools or fixtures. They produce this prototypes by way of 3d printing using Solidworks.

The process:

Engr. Jo Ann Sy of the Materials Science Division explained the entire manufacturing process as shown on the diagram below.

A virtual tour was also conducted showing off the reception area of the AMCEN-MatDev Laboratory and its facilities and equipments available.

Additive Manufacturing Applications:

DOST-ITDI Engineer, Marianito Margarito explained the process of Additive manufacturing and its applications. AM ensures continual availability of spare parts, which is particularly useful in asset-heavy industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical. It can be used for customized implants and prosthesis. It speeds up the production of crowns and bridges in Dentistry. The R&D for possible production of human organs thru 3D printing is currently ongoing,

In some countries, the use of AM is widespread in machineries like turbines, handling and robotics, lifestyle and sports like jewelry and biking, and custom parts of classic cars.

DOST-ITDI AMCEN-MATDEV even supplied PPEs to hospitals and other frontliners during the early Covid days in 2020 when there was shortage of such materials.

The forum was ably hosted by Ms. Margarita Atienza and attended by stakeholders from the manufacturing industries, hospitals, academe and other non-profit organizations that are most likely to benefit from AM. 

Thank you, Congratulations and more power!!!

Dr. Blessie Basilia with the MatDev Team

By the way, these facilities and services are open for engagement to the public for a very minimal fee. For interested individuals, groups or companies, contact the DOST-ITDI team  or visit for more information.


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