Smart Asset Managers unleashed Women Power in Entrepreneurship!


Just a perfect launch to complement March as International Women’s Month, Smart Asset Managers (SAM) hosted “Unleashing Women Power in Entrepreneurship.” I truly admire organizations and businesses who advocates women empowerment thru their programs. Kudos to SAM.

Smart Asset Managers, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship
A virtual event sponsored by Smart Asset Managers and attended by media people, print and online

One of SAM’s advocacy is to empower women by helping them improve their personality and build self-confidence through developing their entrepreneurial skills.  And how do SAM intend to do this? Thru SAM University and BAWE, Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneurship.

What is SAM University?

SAM University is not a traditional university which teaches the students skills to become an employee. It’s the other way around. It aims to teach entrepreneurial skills to learners, targeting the marginalized sectors like the OFWs so that they can in the future retire with their hard earned money working for them; Women spouses as well, so that they can eventually be empowered to earn more for their family.

Quoting Ms Melba Angni of SAM University and Financial Literacy Program:

“SAM University is different from conventional schools and universities because it doesn’t prepare students to become employees. It teaches learners to become employers themselves and help the economy for everyone.”

Courses offered in SAM University:

SAM University, Smart Asset Managers
SAM University courses offered

SAM University is free for all SAM subscribers. All courses are online and to be taken self-paced.

Another program under SAM supporting women empowerment is the BAWE or Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneurship

What is BAWE?

“With an investment of only P5,000, medical and marketing professionals will train affiliates how to earn extra money and develop entrepreneurial attitudes and a drive to succeed in the beauty and wellness industry,” shares Dianne Yabut Luna, CEO of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine.

Women Power, Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine
Ms. Diane Yabut Luna

BAWE is open to all SAM subscribers who availed of the Members Acceleration Program package.

Ms. Janet Rebusio Ducayag, a former reporter of the Journal Group of Companies, who now works with SAM as full time writer shared her journey. She thought it’s the end of her career when she suffered a stroke and became physically challenged. But Mr. Rommel Santos opened doors for her despite the situation. “SAM offer opportunities even for people who are physically and medically challenged,” Ms Janet added.

To start your journey towards women empowerment in collaboration with these SAM programs, subscribe now.

A tip from professional blogger, Ms. Cindy Dominguez“It’s easy, with SAM you only need P1,000 to subscribe and then buy SAM Koin for just P50 and start your own Ipon Challenge. Instead of buying other stuff, save it and be part of the SAM community.”

SAM DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES by the way, is in the Digital and Conventional Businesses where subscribers are exposed to multi stream income opportunities in the conventional businesses, founded by Mr. Rommel Santos, a certified Filipino digipreneur! Mr. Santos said “SAM’s goal is to reverse conventional economy with a sharing economy”

Rommel Santos, Digipreneur, Smart Asset Managers
Mr. Rommel Santos... during the  women empowerment virtual event

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Women now takes charge to make a difference… in politics, education and in building economies! What about you?

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