University of Asia & The Pacific ANIMA member donates essentials for indigents

Are the youth still the hope of the nation?

If we’re going to check our history, the youngsters are the one starting the revolution. In this day and age, the revolution is about
sending food to those in need via community pantries. 

 One student of University of Asia & the Pacific and an ANIMA member once again proved that indeed, they still are the hope of the nation. Instead of spending for her birthday to celebrate, she chose to give something back to the community. 

Andria Therese Nicolas

 First year Masters in Political Economy Student Andria Terese Nicolas who is also a young entrepreneur donates essential goods to Kiwanis Club of Los Baños

 “We have lots of challenges but in spite of all those, we must still be grateful, grateful for the life and opportunity, we actually giving in our simple ways ever since but for this pandemic, we must share more and for my birthday this year, would like to take this opportunity to share.” - Andria Terese Nicolas 

 Andria is also the brand CEO of GlamHigh Cosmetics which she launched last year and distributing nationwide. It’s one platform also to help those who doesn’t have jobs right now displaced because of this global health crisis. 

Andria Terese Nicolas

ANIMA, a community of actively participating students, exists to protect, maintain, and uphold an atmosphere of student initiative for the University’s well-being; and to form the most human in the individual through the adherence of self-knowledge, self-mastery, and spirit of self giving with the Values of ANIMA which is 

Service, Pursuit of Excellence and Respect for Individual.


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