Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club reward moms with an afternoon of relaxation

A perfect online activity for moms was launched by Mega Prime thru the Prime Mom Club. Said activity was attended by "Prime" mommies and media representatives who enjoyed a very relaxed afternoon with Ms. Marian Rivera Dantes. Mommies learned tablescaping from Ms. Pinky Tobiano and bonus cooking tips from Mommy Connh and Chef Rosebud. :)


Manila, Philippines, May 2021 - If there’s anyone who deserves some overdue pampering, it will have to be the mothers of this world. Day in and day out, pandemic or not, moms are always juggling a thousand and one responsibilities, all for the sake of their families and loved ones.


Through its yearly workshops, Mega Prime and the Prime Mom Club have organized an online event for moms to relax and bond with fellow moms. The session, titled All About Mom, pampered moms by giving them some me-time to relax while learning alongside their peers who share their cares and interests.


Leading the event was the Prime Mom Club’s honorary member and Mega Prime’s brand ambassador, Marian Rivera Dantes, who spoke about the importance of bonding with fellow moms through shared passions such as cooking, which are good for one’s well-being, especially during this pandemic.


Mastering the art of tablescaping

One of the highlights of the event was the tablescaping session. Setting your dining table beautifully in preparation for a feast with your loved ones is a sure way to boost everyone’s mood, and this was definitely an art that Mega Prime and the Prime Mom Club wanted to share with the moms.

Pinky Tobiano


Marian, along with chemist and ‘Queen of Tablescaping’ Pinky Tobiano, showed how tablescaping is done—the right flowers and candles to put and how to design them, as well as the proper laying, stacking, and arranging of the plates, drinking glasses, and utensils.




Mommy Friendly Cook-off

The event’s other main highlight is, of course, a cooking session with Chef-Mom Rosebud Benitez and the newest Prime Mom Club Ambassador Winner, Mommy Connh Cruz. The two cooking enthusiasts whipped up dishes made only with high-quality ingredients by Mega Prime.


Mommy Connh, Cooking with Mega Prime


Using Mega Prime Choices Oyster Sauce and Mega Prime Mushrooms, they cooked a delicious pancit recipe. Mommy Connh cooked hers the classic Filipino way, while Chef Rosebud fancied hers up a little and included salmon.


For dessert, using Mega Prime Nata de Coco, Mommy Connh made sweet and smooth almond jelly. On the other hand, Chef Rosebud created a panna cotta filled with the fresh fruits of Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail.


Chef Rosebud, Cooking with Mega Prime


The Prime Mom Club has been an avenue for moms to improve their skills as homemakers. Combining information and education with interactive and engaging events, Prime Moms are given exclusive access to enriching activities featuring experts and celebrities to guide them. Be sure to sign up for the Prime Mom Club at to join the growing community of modern home-makers and receive exclusive information on future events and perks. For more information, be sure to follow @megaprimequality on Facebook and Instagram.

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