Collaborate or Evaporate: Museum Prince and Businessman, Lawrence Li Tan

 Jump Starting, Again…

In business, with the global challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic that impacted a lot of companies and industries, Lawrence Li Tan worked on collaboration rather than competition. “Collaboration is the only way to rise up again faster than doing it alone and trying to put down your competition.”  Collaborative ideas and business acumen is what they initially practiced among the JCI Makati members whom are mostly business owners.  The local organization was able to produce businesses during pandemic, which brought them out of their own personal anxieties and depression.  The collaborative minds were able to use the current downfall of industries to their advantage by giving birth to new ideas for businesses. 


Full of Hope for the Filipinos…

Capitalizing on Filipino creativity and ingenuity, Tan will soon launch major attraction destinations in Metro Manila, Tagaytay and soon outside the country.  All creations were made by Filipinos, for the Philippines capturing international market.  “It is high time to start boosting human capital investment, because we are ready to go global in terms of business concepts” Tan added.  With this, he supports trainings and formulations programs that will help improve the Filipino work force and entrepreneurs.


Lawrence “Lance” Li Tan is a multi-awarded businessman having opened 16 hotels, shopping centers, food chains, transport terminals and is also a member of the academe.   Tagged as the Museum Prince in Asia, Tan has been a tourism advocate ever since, but this has gotten deeper when his love for the Philippines is on the table.

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