Two hits in 2021 for AsiaPrime Philippines: Honouree at Asia Leaders Awards and American Association of the Philippines

 AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation (APPC)  is a leader in manufacturing and packaging services, with over fifteen years of experience providing customers with both toll and contract manufacturing and packaging services.

 For this year, APPC is proud to announce that in spite of this pandemic, the company will be acknowledge in two respective organisations; Asia Leaders Awards and American Association of the Philippines.


The company releases their plans and their overwhelming feeling for being the honouree of these prestigious organisations.

AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation, Lerma Manzano Bernabe
Ms. Lerma Manzano Bernabe, President and CEO of AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation

To ensure the sustainability and success of our toll manufacturing and packaging business, our qualified team in the research and development together with our marketing and sales team continuously study and research for new products and services that we can offer to the businesses that were hit directly by the global pandemic. For the next coming years, we want to stand together with the traditional businesses namely Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Services  (HORECA), and Small Medium Enterprises.


Asiaprime Philippines Corporation aims to engage its suppliers, business partners, employees, and customers to practice business sustainability by instilling "Bayanihan Spirit" within each other.


The HO.RE.CA. and Food manufacturing sector continued to record positive growth supported by productivity gains in the sector, interventions by the national and local government units, and improved demand for local process food production. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, in the past months, indicates an expansion in manufacturing activities after more than a year of contraction.

 Today, we are proud to present to you our little achievement as a by-product of the changes we started within our organization. As the President/CEO of APPC the American Association of the Philippines awarded me "Woman of Substance" and our company, Asiaprime Philippines Corporation was nominated at Asia Leaders Awards 2021.


Overwhelmed with the honors, Ms. Lerma Manzano Bernabe, President and CEO of AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation shared some tips to position one’s self better:


Professional Ethics: (this traditional norm still matters a great deal) Nurturing and practicing Ethical norms and values differentiates the business professionals from the rest of all other professionals. Please maintain a high degree of ethics wherever you serve in whatever capacity.


Think globally, act locally: Stay connected with the fast-changing standards concerning GMP, Quality Management Systems, and Food Safety Management Systems. The principles are the same around the world, learn how to customize those that suit your specific context. Maintain compliance strictly and contribute to investment prospects where investors look for transparent, comparable, and reliable manufacturing partners.


Embrace Constant & Continuous Change: John F. Kennedy, one of the greatest President in the history of the United States of America, stated:

“Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future”


And from Socrates, one of the world’s greatest philosopher in the history of humanity…

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building on to the new”


Finally, if the change makes the going get tougher; Martin Luther King Jr. gave some secrets. “If you can’t fly, then run, if can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”


This is just the beginning! Let’s brace ourselves for the impact, support each other and pray that God would bless us with the success and healthy life that we truly deserved! - Lerma Manzano Bernabe


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