Museum Prince in Asia's Love for Country, exudes Massive Positive Change

 Lawrence “Lance” Li Tan is a multi-awarded businessman having opened 16 hotels, shopping centers, food chains, transport terminals and is also a member of the academe.   Tagged as the Museum Prince in Asia, Tan has been a tourism advocate ever since, but this has gotten deeper when his love for the Philippines is on the table.  He can go as far as the mountains to help different indigenous tribes by providing trainings and installing libraries as well as hygiene rooms.  He can go to war-ridden areas to help our countrymen and install solar lights so that the Filipinos in Marawi can walk at night without fear.  This is not just patriotism; this is love and compassion combined in the persona of Lance tan.

Lawrence Li Tan, Museum Prince
Sir Lawrence Li Tan

Pandemic President of JCI Makati…

2021 JCI Makati President Lawrence Li Tan has produced over 500 projects in the first six months of his term.  Placing positive change and long-term impact as main focus of his projects, Tan was able to touch lives of thousands of Filipinos who were deeply affected by COVID-19 pandemic. 


One of his stellar projects was HEROES program of PTTC of DTI which aims to help displaced and expatriated OFWs to become entrepreneurs.  JCI Makati under tan’s leadership created modules that helped develop new Ex-OFW entrepreneurs   in the country.  League of Leaders is another priority project where tan together with his Board of Directors designed leadership programs for the youth.  This project’s goal is to create more Filipino youth leaders who will be advocates of change that will help our country to rise up faster from the pandemic.


Tan believes that poverty is the root cause of a lot of economic and societal problems in the Philippines.  It is in this very reason why he anchored most of his projects in eradicating poverty from the grass roots.  He created projects that will teach young Filipinos the value of education, community awareness and involvement, perseverance, positive mindset and faith in God.  He has seen everything that has been destructive were caused by ignorance of the effect.  This is why he has put a heavy weight in grooming the Filipino youths to be educated, wise, disciplined and God-fearing.


Ultimate Love of the Philippines…

Not just promoting Philippines, but taking care of the country in terms of its environment is another way of Lance Tan to show his love for this archipelago.  Teaching the fastest way of limiting our carbon foot prints is his way to help save mother earth.  Encouraging Filipinos to plant as many trees as possible and reinventing charcoal together with JCI Makati to be eco-friendly is another “wow” project of the local organization.  Tan touches the lives of the Filipinos starting with the children, whom he sees as the future catalysts of change of this country.

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