Deep Dive on Scientific Evidence and Clinical Experience

 A lot of misconceptions and hesitance has been going around about the use of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19 patients, even within our very own doctors and medical frontliners. Dr. Zen's has decided to help clear things up by initiating a webinar entitled “Update on the Scientific Evidence and Clinical Experience on Ivermectin.” 

 Dr. Zen's invited experienced practitioners as resource speakers to discuss and share with the public their experiences and expertise. Dr. Maria Helen  Perez-Florentino did the introduction and brief subdividing the forum into 4 focus points as follows:

  • Evidence of Ivermectin in this time of health emergency
  • Actual clinical experience on Ivermectin
  • Re-purposed Drug and
  • The parameters on what makes good, quality medicines

 Dr. Eugene Reyes, past President of the Philippine Heart Association and the current Chief of the Cardiovascular Medicine Division of the UP-PGH acted as the webinar facilitator. 

First among the lineup of expert and experienced speakers was Dr. Therese Lawrie. She is an African British citizen who completed her medical degree in Johannes Burgh, South Africa. She is the Director of the Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd.   

“Covid is treatable and Ivermectin is the number one treatment for this.”  she stated.

Dr. Lawrie shared several statistics and studies conducted in UK and she was even a part of one of the studies. 10 reviews show reduction in Covid deaths (American Journal of Therapeutics)

 In UK, there was a significant reduction of death for patients managed with Ivermectin (62%)

·       In Honduras - when death reaches 17%, govt authorized the use of IVM together with other meds

·       In Mexico - they included IVM on the medical kit, reduced hospitalization by 52 to 76%


Why a potential Covid treatment isn’t recommended for use ? Ivermectin is safe, low cost and beats covid < 1%? – Dr. Lawrie


Dr. Jackie Stone on the other hand shared on her lecture the Zimbabwe Experience. Their strategy, Hit it hard, Hit it early, Hit it with combination therapy. 

They started using Ivermectin in August 2020 and it resulted also to a significant reduction in mortality rate for those treated with Ivermectin & Adjuvant therapy as compared to those patients administered following the WHO guidelines .


Furthermore, the Zimbabwe approach lessens hospitalization, patients were largely managed on their homes, allowing reduction of pressure to their hospital system.  The Philippines needs this since our hospitals are saturated with Covid patients.

Treatment with Ivermectin should be administered within the viral replication days.

Dr. Stone cited that even with her own clinical experience, only 1 out of 104 died and death was not attributed to be cause by the drug. She further commended Zimbabwe government for acting fast in approving the use of Ivermectin despite the many criticisms they received. This fast approval played a vital role on their very successful management of Covid-19. Death statistics lowered, hospitals not clogged and stressed out, and home management  proved to be viable, affordable and very efficient. 


Every single doctor I know, who has used these medications,  is converted within days. They see it happening wth their own eyes, its not anecdote, its not bias, its experience based medicine

Dr. Jackie Stone is a Primary Care Physician in Zimbabwe. She is an expert in Medical Biochemistry and Infectious Disease. She is an inaugural member of the Zimbabwe Covid Frontline Society and has been treating Covid patients since February, 2020

Dr. Eugene Reyes with Dr. Lawrie & Dr. Stone during the Q&A

The 3rd speaker, Dr. Godofreda Dalmacion lectured on Repurposed Drug, Ivermectin is one of them. She started with a quote from Sir James Black, The Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1988… “The most fruitful basis for the discovery of a new drug is to start with an old drug.”

 It is cost effective if you have one drug that can be used for treatment of two conditions. She mentioned some, but just leave it up to the audience to Google it further. :)

On her deep dive lecture about Ivermectin, she validated the point raised that Ivermectin can be used to treat cancer. IVM inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells and actually provokes the death of cancer cells. 

 How does Ivermectin came in the picture as treatment for Covid-19? It came from physicians who are trying to look for solution to the problem.

Most recent test conducted

Dr. Dalmacion also cited on one of her slides....“I do not judge a doctor who has a dying patient before him and, desperate, tries anything to save her. The problem is when non-evidence-based public policies are made.” – Carlos Chaccour, a Venezuelan researcher from Barcelona Institute of Global Health in Spain.


But even with the evidences from the expert experience of doctors from other countries, PH doctors are frightened to prescribe the drug because of the non-approval of FDA.

  “FDA regulates drug approval, it does not regulate prescribing” - she quips!

Dr. Godofreda "Jody" Dalmacion completed her medical degree at the University of the Philippines. She is a Fellow of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and completed her Masters of Medical science on Pharmaco Epidemiology   at the University of New Castle, Australia.  She is currently a member of the Philippines Regulations Commissions for the Board of Medicine.


Completing the webinar are the insights from Dr. Armando Guidote Jr about Ivermectin Quality and Safety Assurance.

 Dr. Guidote is the Institute Director of Pure & Applied Chemistry and Department of Chemistry of ADMU,  and is from PIPAC, a non-profit Scientific Institution with experience on Quality Assurance for almost 50 years. Quality assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services for customers.

There are 3 things to look at, Drug Dosage, Dissolution and Contamination.

 Dr. Guidote confirmed  that the Ivermectin manufactured by Lloyd laboratories for Dr.Zen's, passed all the tests they conducted, results are very near to what the manufacturer has documented.  Thes


Impartial results from PIPAC

Results comparison from 3 different tests

Results comparison from 3 different tests

Dr. Reyes with Dr. Dalmacion and Dr. Guidote during the Part2 Q&A

In summary, since Ivermectin is available and a cheaper medicine option, and other countries has already used cases on the efficiency of IVM on Covid patients, maybe it’s about time that a position with regards to its usage and application to Covid 19 treatment be appropriately addressed. How many more must die before we approve this safe and affordable drug?

 Just a reminder: Ivermectin is a prescription medicine, therefore, it should be taken under strict doctors’ supervision. The only FDA approved and registered Ivermectin in the Philippines is that of Dr. Zen's, available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. Here are the available dosage and prices for your reference:

15mg - P27/tab

12mg - P25/tab

6mg - P22.5/tab

You can watch the full recording of this webinar here:


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