Plantita Grace Bondad Nicolas' day with Arid & Aroid Founders

Famous right now with 20 hectares nursery in Quezon, business partners; Horticulturist Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Fernando Silvestre Jr. are not just helping the community right now by providing affordable, accessible and local & imported plants but also innovators in their own ways.


Grace Bondad Nicolas with Arid & Aroids Founders Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Fernando Silvestre Jr.

Lots became Plantitos and Plantitas, those individuals who loves to collect and plant ornamentals that started last year during the height of this global health crisis to ease the anxiety brought by this pandemic. So the arrival and launching of different branches of Arid and Aroids became very popular because of the growing demand for plants.


Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas

Grace Bondad Nicolas (First female President of American Association of the Philippines, Business & Lifestyle writer of different broadsheets nationwide, Entrepreneur, Host, Blogger and Plantita) interviewed one of the co founder of Arid and Aroids, Boyet Ganigan at Silang, Cavite, the main showroom with endangered and one of a kind plants globally.


We have 400 registered resellers and all are very passionate on what they do to serve the customers. We’re here to give accessibility and that’s why we’re checking different sites to put our collection to showcase and sell the Plantitos and Plantitas. Soon we will be in Cebu. We will have soon a one of a kind marketplace where the customers can just use a cart and pick their favourite plants. We will also provide other materials for planting. We just launched our showroom in Alabang and recently finished one in Baguio. - Boyet Ganigan


The showroom with landscaped showcasing the different varieties of local and imported plants is amazing with Administrator, Vrent Garcia touring around the guests discussing the origin, price and stories of the plants from local to rare and from Php 50 pesos to Php 2M per pot.


Under construction also is the soon to be Coffee shop in the area to cater the guests who just like to discuss their favourite plants and at the same time to just enjoy the scenery as if you’re inside the jungle with so much varieties to inspire all the plant lovers.


I am in awe at Arid and Aroids because of the different varieties they are showing to the public. These are precious plants. Not only that, for me as a collector, I’m amazed with the selections. Also, it’s better to visit their branches, choose your fave and bring it home satisfied. Also, very affordable and lots to choose from. I love the landscaped showroom, you’re gonna have an idea on what to do also in your area. Artistic and innovative. Definitely all who will visit will have something after with happiness.- Grace Bondad Nicolas


According to Boyet, what makes these premium plants exceptional is that, not only are they tended and locally propagated under them, but this is also the first time that they will be offered to the public. There are new different forms, shapes, and kinds of plant varieties that only the nursery locally propagates like a rare philodendron esmeraldense which you can find in the branches but most endangered you may see now in Silang, Cavite. 


Arid and Aroids Branches;

•520 Hoyo Road, Tartaria, Silang Cavite

•9035 Brgy Paco San Rafael, Bulacan

•Arid and Aroids The Village Square Alabang 

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