The struggle is real inside and out of the workplace


Dear Survivor,

Few months ago, you were surprised by a shoebox handed over to you by your one and only handsome prince. A rubber shoes at this time of pandemic? He must be joking. 

But no, he wasn’t. He knew that you were using a “very” old worn out rubber shoes the past years whenever you are joining fun runs. That rubber shoes he fondly remember was bought when he was still in high school. He said, let it retire. 

missing fun runs :(

The gesture got you teary-eyed! It brought back memories.  Shoes were made to carry your entire body weight. It must be strong and durable to endure! Just like you…

10 yr-old shoes, glad to pass it to another single mom from one of the declutter FB groups


Are you?

The past years were never easy for you.  The pandemic has brought too many anxieties, it limited your movements, you remained confined at the four corners of your home, and yet life must go on for you, for the school you are working for, for the students and for everybody. 

Thought it's simple, just relaxing with your Dalgona?

It’s an extra challenge for you adapting to the new normal way of  working, given that you are the IT administrator of the school and the weight of coping up to the situation is on your shoulder.  It was only the 4th quarter of the school year then when everything was put into a halt. You were caught unprepared. What are you going to do next? How will you be able to set up a quick communication system between the school and the students?  

What makes matters worse, is the fact that your one and only son is a frontliner. He had to be out there exposed to the unseen enemy almost 24/7.  Your mind was thinking of digitalization solutions but your heart is full of worries. 


Stay safe my son...

The anxiety is real!  You were left alone in the house. Good thing you have your fur babies with you, they served as your stress-reliever.

You immediately setup the schools’ communication tool and work hand in hand with other employees from the academe.  In a day or two, you were able to establish an email blasting tool to make communications easier. You don’t have an LMS setup that time. All announcements, assignments and school works were communicated via email. Meetings & trainings were all online.  You survived the school year.

When NCR was put into MECQ by the beginning of school year 2020-2021, you immediately went on to adjust the school infrastructure. All teachers will be teaching from school, to ensure quality teaching and learning. Classrooms will no longer house chairs and tables for students. Computers were installed in each room. complete with all the peripherals needed in conducting online classes.  

Your online classroom setup

During this time, even the simple thing of sourcing for webcams is a challenge. You talked to various suppliers just to get your required number of webcams

Went to 4 malls, they were all the same... "no webcam available"

The schools’ internet was reinforced with dedicated connections. Again, your "anxiety feels" strikes again. Will it be installed in time for the opening of classes? 

Commuting to and from work was also scary. You’ll never know who has the virus among the people you get close contact with, even if you abide with the social distancing and armed with safety shield and mask.

Hallways were empty.

You chance upon this rider. You took a picture of him. You posted it. Why so concerned? You want people to see the situation. The rider looks tired and sleepy, but still, he’s on the street to earn for his family! So order often!

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday. Grab it! Picture was taken around 5:45 in the morning at McDonalds Kaytikling Road, Taytay, RIzal

You made it through all those challenges. You survived one complete school year of online classes, with no major problems encountered. The only interruption you experienced was that of the worldwide Google outage.


Giving up is not an option. Solutions are always available, just contemplate, look and put an action to it!

As to your son, he is still out there, we are not yet through with the pandemic though slowly breathing out.  You are both fortunate enough to still be Covid-free despite the frequency of being out. You are always praying for this. Such a nice blessing to celebrate.

A very important lesson you learned along the way, "Be thankful for today, because in one moment, your entire life could change". Thousands of people have died this pandemic. We already lost two relatives during this Covid period. VALUE LIFE, spend your remaining time here on earth doing things that truly matter. Treasure what you have, food, home, family and friends. Not everyone has it!

Take time to be with your family...


Take time to  be with your circle of friends...

Take time to write, it is the voice of your heart

Take time to do things that  makes you happy!

Giving back and helping out produces happy hormones. Better make it a habit! This was you when you were with one of the home for the aged institution.

Last words for you my dear self,  Always innovate, so as not to stagnate! May your story serve as an inspiration to other people, giving up is not an option. There will always be a way! 

Every day is a blessing and every tick of the clock counts. Always give it your best shot!

Congratulations Dear Survivor!

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