Hyun Bin Philippines Fan Club to celebrate HB's bday extraordinarily!

Are you a Hyun Bin Fan?  If you are, join the rest of the gang on September 25!  

HBPFC Gift Box delivered to South Korea

Excitement rises among the Filipino Fans of Crash Landing on You’s Capt Ri played by the Korean Heartthrob Hyun Bin who is turning 39th this 25th of September 2021. 

The BINNIANS (a term on how they call the fanclub members) have prepared a grand plan to celebrate the actor’s birthday.  Fangirling for some followers are seriously taken on the onset, Cherry Saculo-Genato CEO of Manila Preneur Corp (MPC) an Integrated Marketing Company supports the 2021 Birthday Project of the Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club (HBPFC)

In 2020, the HBPFC Club has taken numerous spotlights about Hyun Bin’s Birthday. Not only talked about by majority of Filipino fans, their proudly Filipino made Craft Beer – “Hyun Bin Beer” brewed by the 4th Largest brewery in the Philippines was a top search for both local & international source when it comes to gifts given to the Actor. Their events were acknowledged by Fangirl celebrities like Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta & Ms. Charo Santos-Concio. 

I was really worried at the start, because I have to think of something greater or equally great with what we did last year.  Deciding as to what gift to give the actor is not the only preparation needed, I wanted to create history.  I like the projects to be remembered and only the fans can tell whether a certain event leaves a lasting impression on them.- Says Cherry S. Genato of MPC & HBPFC. 


The support given by MPC enabled the HBPFC to bring the 4 popular characters of Hyun Bin in his past Kdramas to be remembered in a drinking experience that will take place on his own birthday.  The Hyun Bin Beer 2021 presents the following Craft Beer Styles :


1.       SESSION ALE  as CAPT Ri of “Crash Landing on You” presents an easy drinking Pale Ale full of flavor, perfect for kicking back with friends. 

2.       SUMMER ALE as ROBIN of “Hyde Jekyll Me” is crisp, clean and flavourful anytime of the day. 

3.      WHEAT ALE as KIM JOO WON of “Secret Garden” is brewed using locally sourced dalandan to bring it the citrus fresh finish. 

4.     STRONG ALE as MIN TAE-GUN of “The Negotiation” is a robust malty body with subtle fruity undercurrent slightly dry finish. Only for the Bold. 


“I doubt if any other groups/fanclub can come up with such a concept when it comes to a Birthday Celebration. Of course when there's a party, there’s booze.  Not only we are serving just any beer, we brewed a flight of Craft Beer to make this Virtual party into a blast!”, says Genato the HBPFC Director who is also the Event Organizer of the Philippine Craft Beer Community. 


So what do fans know about 2021 Hyun Bin Birthday Preparations? 

This year follows a theme of the top 3 Elements people do when they think of birthdays, to add more interpretation, Cherry placed a meaning on the numbers “3” and “9” since Hyun Bin is turning 39.  So the 3 Things are : Gift, Party and Share the Joy.


For the 1st Element– the GIFT, HBPFC recently sent a Gift Box to Vast Agency for Hyun Bin, which contained 9 items  :

                  1st item is the Battle Mug made by a Military Veteran shop abroad which runs this              business in order to support retired Military officers and First Respondents Globally. 

                 The battle mug is a solid 10+ lb block of T-6 Billet aluminum that went to lengthy stages of        careful             machining before a final military grade anodization process. It is real deal  firearm quality. Perfect for a Captain’s use.  Engraved on this collectible piece are the words             “BINNIANS of the HBPFC” on the bottom & the “Hyun Bin Beer 2021” on the handle. 

                  2nd -5th items are all the four (4) Beer styles of the Hyun Bin Beers

                  6th item the Hyun Bin Beer Pilsner Glass

             7th item is the Mixed Media Image Portrait of Capt. It Was made by Filipino Visual Artist Clint   Catalan. The medium artwork contains a collage cut out of everything about Hyun Bin as  an  actor such as : his sports hobby-golfing, his childhood dream-as a detective, his role as  Capt Ri.- camouflage & piano keyboards.

              8th is the Compilation of all 9 Certificates of Donation to show Hyun Bin how fans look up to him as             their inspiration in doing good deeds to others.  


                  9th item is the Fanclub fanzine, which will contain all the Birthday    Celebration memories in one             book which will be the fans’ souvenir as well. 

For the 2nd ElementPARTY, the fans will gather for a Live Stream on the 25th of Sept to have fun.  Everyone can watch it for free at the Manila Preneur Corp FB page.  Here VIP “Ninang” fans play games, they will showcase 9 customed-cake collections & 9 toast wishers of Hyun Bin Beer. 

For the 3rd ElementSHARE THE JOY in a form of a Party Loot bag containing Essential Grocery Items to 9 different charity beneficiaries representing multiple sectors of the society such as :

                                    1. Children – orphanage Meritxell Children's World Foundation
                                    2. Women – Women's Care Center, Inc. 

                                    3. PWD - Pambansang Kapisanan ng mga May Kapansanan ng  Pilipinas, Inc

                                    4. Seniors - Good Samaritan Nursing Home for the Elderly

                                    5. Church – Our lady of Miraculous  Medal 

                                    6. Education – Mater Carmeli School

                                    7. Blind  - Philippine Blind Union Inc.

                                    8. Sick - Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines Inc.

                           9.  Animals/ Environment - Mission PAWSsible


“I want this 2021 birthday celebration for Hyun Bin to be special, I would like to attract more fangirls to join the HBPFC. I want them to experience a different fangirling event, they can tell the difference for sure." added by Cherry Saculo, Director of HBPFC & CEO of MPC.

If you have not signed up for the Virtual Party Event, click this link  
RSVP To VIRTUAL PARTY: https://bit.ly/RSVP2021HyunBinVirtualParty

Visit the FB Pages to know more about the HBPFC @hyunbinofficialphfanpage  
 and MPC @manilapreneurcorporation.

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