Tanduay Rum Products bags 2 Gold Medals from the Top US Spirits Buyers


Tanduay is really putting our country's name in the forefront when it comes to Rum talks!  Just recently, the USA Spirits Ratings gave two of its products -- Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver -- a gold medal each.


Tanduay is one of the most awarded Philippine rum brands and it continues to receive accolades from top international spirits competitions with meticulous and expert judging panel and criteria.

This time, the USA Spirits Ratings judging panel is comprised of top-level spirits buyers with current direct commercial buying responsibility. They are joined by spirits consultants and experts who are directly involved in the development of new spirits brands or buying spirits for commercial resale in the judging panel.

“It gives us great pride to receive good feedback from customers and experts from the Philippines and other countries. This shows that our hard work is being recognized. We thank the judges of the USA Spirits Ratings for giving us the gold,” said Tanduay President and COO Lucio Tan III.


Rating Quality, Value, and Packaging

Scores were given in the following categories: quality, value, and packaging. The highest score was 100, and spirits that received a rating above 90 were awarded a gold medal. Those that received a rating between 80-89 were awarded a silver medal, while those that received a rating between 70-79 were awarded a bronze medal.


Tanduay Asian Rum Gold received a rating of 91, while Tanduay Asian Rum Silver received a rating of 90 -- which both merited them a gold medal.


The quality score was based on how agreeable the product is to its target customer and chemical analysis. Appearance, body, taste, and aftertaste were considered in this category. The value score was based on how well it was priced and the greater quality for the price, while the packaging score was measured by how well the product is perceived by the customer.


In judging the entries, the judging panel initially conducted a blind tasting to determine each product’s quality and drinkability. The spirits were then assessed by variety, style, region, and country and scored based on quality and retail price.


The judges next assessed the design, label, and packaging of the entry’s bottle or format to determine how well it matched up or complemented the quality of the product and its price point and how it is perceived when placed on the spirits shelf along with other products. Each judge also gave their independent score and a weighted average was taken at the end. Products that received a gold (a score of 90 and above) were again tasted to ensure the quality of their scores.


Tanduay’s Winning Streak

This is not the first time that Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver were honored by prestigious spirits competitions.


Tanduay Asian Rum Gold has received awards from the International Review of Spirits, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Monde Selection, Superior Taste Award ofthe International Taste and Quality Institute, the Beverage Tasting Institute, and the Madrid International Rum Conference, among others.


Tanduay Asian Rum Silver is a multi-awarded rum product as well. It has received accolades from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Review of Spirits, the Monde Selection, International Taste and Quality Institute, Beverage Tasting Institute, and San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition, among others.


“Tanduay has been in the industry for more than 160 years, and through hard work and innovation, we will continue to deliver gold-standard quality products to our customers inthe Philippines and the rest of the world,” said Tan.Tanduay is the top rum brand in the Philippines, and has also been declared the World’s Number 1 Rum in terms of sales by Drinks International magazine. It is available throughout the country through traditional stores and its online selling platform, www.shots.ph.


Outside of the Philippines, Tanduay is sold by top wines and spirits distributors in the U.S. states of Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada,New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, and the territory of Guam; China; Singapore; and the United Arab Emirates. Most recently, it has also entered the markets of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


Tanduay has indeed gone international.

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