Tanduay’s Halloween Cocktails by Derek Ramsey

If you’re looking for the perfect cocktails to serve for your upcoming Halloween party, look no further as Derek Ramsay shares his favorite Tanduay rhum concoctions that are sure to liven up your virtual get-together with family, colleagues, or friends.

 “We’ve been through a tough year, and we are still doing our best to cope with the current situation. This is why it’s important to celebrate once in a while, to remind ourselves of the good things that we have in our life like our loved ones,” said the talented actor.


The cocktails are easy to do, Derek assured, and can be made using ingredients that are available in stores.


Tanduay Spooky Cocktail


30 mL Tanduay Rhum 5 Years
Ginger Ale
10 mL Simple Syrup
Grenadine Syrup



1.      Create frozen (fake) eyeballs by putting a piece of grape inside a lychee. Create as many as you want. Set aside and put inside the freezer.

2.      Now start creating your cocktail mix by pouring 30 mL Tanduay Rhum 5 Years in a glass.

3.      Top with ginger ale and drop your frozen eyeballs.

4.      Add the simple syrup next.

5.      Pour the grenadine syrup to create a blood effect.


Hocus Pocus Cocktail 


Orange zest
15 mL Simple Syrup
45 mL Cranberry Juice
15 mL Orange Juice, Freshly Squeezed
1 Prosecco or sparkling wine
45 mL Tanduay Rhum 5 Years


1.      Start off by dipping the rim of your coupe or martini glass in the chilled simple syrup. Dip it very lightly. Now dip the rim of the same glass into some orange-colored sugar. Set this aside on the counter or in the freezer to set.

To create your own colored sugar: 

Place sugar in a resealable plastic bag.
Add a few drops of food coloring.
Seal the bag and shake until the color has spread evenly.
Allow sugar to dry in a flat surface for 15 to 20 minutes before using.

2.      In a shaker or mixing glass, add ice and combine cranberry juice, orange juice, simple syrup, orange zest, and Tanduay Rhum 5 Years in a cocktail shaker. Cover and shake until thoroughly chilled.

3.      Strain the mixture into your sugar rimmed cocktail glass.

4.      Top off with chilled Prosecco or sparkling wine and garnish with an orange twist.


Devil’s Brew (Good for 2)


Thai Chili
40 mL Triple Sec
60 mL Tanduay Rhum 5 Years
Lime Juice
300 mL Cranberry Juice
Kosher Salt and Chili Powder


1.      Remove the seeds from the Thai chili and muddle (mash) it.

2.      In a mixing glass, add 40 mL triple sec.

3.      Pour the Tanduay Rhum 5 Years

4.      Put some lime juice and 300 mL cranberry juice.

5.      Add some ice and mix.

6.      Rub some lime, kosher salt and chili powder around the rim of a glass. Pour the cocktail you just made. Garnish with chili.

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