PCPPI takes concrete action on employees’ mental well-being

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the daily activities of Filipinos, as well as their mental health. According to a study by mental health firm MindNation, more than half of Filipino workers have experienced mental health challenges this year. Reports from June stated 53% of the 6,000 respondents said they worry about health risks and financial pressures brought about by the pandemic.


Given this challenge, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—continues to raise awareness and take action on mental health in the work place. They capped the 2021 World Mental Health Day with a mental wellness program aimed at promoting and teaching mindfulness among its employees.


PCPPI invited Doc. Esteesa Legaspi, a registered guidance counsellor and a resource speaker. She taught various methods to practice Self-compassion, mindfulness, and psychological flexibility as a way to empower ones’ self to be able to empower others.


The session forms part of PCPPI’s Mind Matters Programs which started in 2019 to deliver learning programs to support a mentally healthy working environment. Under this program, the company has offered learning session on reducing stress and building resiliency in the time of pandemic.


Last year, PCPPI invited Dr. Iris Radev, a medical doctor practicing in Canada, and founder of the Filipino Success Movement, to share her Headspace Mindfulness Techniques. She highlighted the mindfulness approach through discovering intentions, demonstrating mindful acts, and developing consistency, all targeted to create a purposeful work environment in PCPPI.


“PCPPI understands the negative effects of this pandemic on our employees’ mental health. At this point, mental health awareness needs to be elevated to taking action. That is what we advocate at PCPPI. Through this program, we hope to equip our employees on how they can effectively take care of themselves and their mental health,” said PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong.


PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of well-known beverage brands in the Philippines: Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina.



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