New TVC of Tanduay: Derek Ramsay Salute our Everyday Heroes

The past few years have certainly been challenging for everyone. As the country welcomes another year filled with uncertainty, Tanduay enjoins everyone to continue to persevere and never lose hope despite the hurdles that may come our way.

 “At Tanduay, we believe in Tibay ng Loob, and in the past couple of years, we have seen this in the frontliners who bravely go to work everyday, in the people who go out of their way to help the less privileged, and those who courageously face a rapidly changing world. Tanduay salutes our everyday heroes in our TVC,” said Marc Ngo, International Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager at Tanduay.

In “Saludo”, long-time Tanduay brand ambassador Derek Ramsay is seen making a toast to the everyday Filipino who remains undaunted in the face of challenges. The TVC featured cable and electric linemen, police officer, delivery riders, fishermen, farmers, and fire fighters.

 “Kayo ang tibay ng loob ng isang buong bansa,” Derek can be heard saying in the TVC.


According to Derek, he was eager to do the project when it was first shown to him. He said it is the kind of video that many of us need to see these days. Despite the challenges we face, he said, there is a collective strength shown by the everyday working class.

“It’s a privilege to be chosen to do this project. This tribute to the Filipino worker. Not because they are there everyday, it has already become a familiar sight. This is a reminder that we recognize their sacrifices and the huge role they play in nation-building,” he added. 

Consistent with its brand purpose, Ngo said, Tanduay salutes the Filipino working class.

“We hope that people can find inspiration in ‘Saludo’ as we enter a new year. We wish everyone Tibay ng Loob, as we face new challenges ahead,” Ngo said.

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