Japanese Rapper King Tomoro conquers Philippine with new hit songs

With his distinctive fusion of American and Japanese hip-hop, the Japanese rapper King Tomoro has completely revolutionized the music industry. He has established himself as a major force in the industry by being the first Japanese rapper to reach the top spot on the Billboard charts. But it wasn't an easy road to success for him.


Born and raised in Japan, King Tomoro goes by the name Tomoro Okamoto. Even though he was passionate about music as a child, Tomoro dreamt of becoming a baseball player but later on found himself interested in business. As a matter of fact, he established his own (street) business at the age of 16. In college, Tomoro pursued entrepreneurship and studied at a prestigious university in Japan.

Although he became a successful businessman, Tomoro never lost his love of music. In order to pursue his love, he made the brave decision to emigrate to the United States. Beginning to perform in modest clubs and venues, he developed a fan base and honed his craft.


His perseverance paid off, and a music label soon came across him, leading to the debut album's release. Both critics and audiences were drawn to his distinctive blending of American and Japanese hip-hop. He gained notoriety swiftly, becoming well-known not just in the United States but also in other nations like the Philippines.


In September last year, Tomoro released a love ballad kind of rap together with R&B Superstar Sean Kingston. The song entitled “Let Me Hold You” featured the Pinay actress Arci Muñoz walking with Tomoro on a California beach donning a green hair.


Now, King Tomoro has recently made a trip to the country and is set to meet with his Filipino fans to personally show his appreciation to them and promote “My Section”, his most recent song released with R&B Popstar Austin Mahone. The Billboard chart-topper has been actively sharing the behind-the-scenes of his creative process to build the excitement and anticipation for the release of his new songs. Tomoro is also hoping that with this visit, he can establish a stronger fan base in the country.


Indeed, this is an exciting time for Tomoro and his fans as they will have the opportunity to interact with him in person and hear his music live. There is nothing more than appreciation for the artists who personally make way to connect with their fans. Everybody will be looking forward to experience this chapter in his career. It is with no doubt that King Tomoro will continue to make waves in the music industry because of unique style and undeniable talent.

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