Let's go natural at BINHI BioFarm!

It’s a common practice these days for some to use herbs or plants to treat diseases and enhance their health and well-being. Thanks to manufacturers of natural medicines and supplements, we now have an alternative to synthetic medicines.

Medicinal herbs grow in abundance in the Philippines, we only need to nurture it. Just recently, we were given the opportunity to visit BINHI BioFarm, one of the largest Lagundi Farm in the Philippines, located in Tanauan Batangas. As we all know, Lagundi is known to be a very effective cure for respiratory ailments like cough and asthma.

Mr. Patrick Roquel and Dra Elinor Tee Roquel, the husband-and-wife team behind RichCorp (Roq International Consumer Health Corporation), has been our hosts for the day. They personally toured us, from the processing plant all the way to the farm. 

RICHCorp is a company born out of passion for excellence in identifying basic and unaddressed needs of the consumers. It was born out of the vision of Mr. Roquel to eventually produce natural medicines from home grown plants. He saw the potential of Lagundi.  And the rest is history.

They are now producing these roster of products, natural medicines, supplements, and ANDAS citronella mosquito spray, lotion and hand sanitizer. They even have all natural soaps.

Plemex, Immune Advance, Happy Cha Lagundi Tea

Immune Advance

Citronella products, ANDAS spray, Loco Mosquin, Andas Defense
RichCorp by the way has been supplying the raw ingredients (Lagundi) to Plemex all these years. And the continuous and expanding operations of their farm and processing plant has helped a lot of farmers improved their lives. 

Their farmers are their families as well, they are one with them believing in a noble  advocacy, “Puno, Sagip-Buhay… I Plant, I Share, I Save Community.” 

Lagundi farmers 

 As a matter of fact, during the pandemic, the company donated tons of Lagundi powder to several LGUs, Pasig, Mandaluyong, QC, San Juan, Cainta and many more. Since Lagundi is known to be best for respiratory illnesses, this played a very vital role in improving the health conditions of Covid patients back then and in strengthening the immune system as well of those not inflicted with the virus.


In the FARM

It’s all green! There’s Lagundi, Citronella, Yerba Buena and Tsaang Gubat. At least, these were the ones shown to us. There could have been more!

The Lagundi (Vitex Negundo) farm. Lagundi is a large native shrub that grows in Asia and South East Asia including the Philippines. It has been traditionally used as herbal medicine for respiratory ailments like cough and asthma.  The Lagundi leaves harvested from this farm are cleaned, dried, heated and powderized in their own DOH and FDA approved facility.  The processed Lagundi powder is used to manufacture their Immune Advance Supplement and Happy Cha Lagundi Tea. Big part of the production of course goes to their client, Plemex.



Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) – Citronella is a common natural and effective essential oil that works against mosquitoes. The oil extracted from this grass is the main ingredients for their ANDAS productsCitronella Spray, Mosquin Lotion and Hand sanitizer



Yerba Buena (Clinopodium douglasii) – Coming out very soon is a 600mg tablet natural pain reliever from this plant. Effect of this medicine is comparable to synthetic pain reliever brands that most people (like me) are reluctant to take due to adverse effects. Mr. Roquel is also exploring Aquaponics in growing their Yerba Buena plants. Yerba Buena has a strong citrus-like minty aroma.


Yerba Buena

Mr. Patrick Roquel and Dra. Elinor Tee Roquel explaining Yerba Buena propagation through Aquaponics

Tsaang Gubat (Carmona Retusa) – Growing in one portion of the farm is a bunch of Tsaang Gubat. According to Mr. Roquel, this functions as anti-colic and antispasmodic and is very promising to be produced for our pets. I will definitely look forward for this coz' I have  6 dogs and 3 cats.


Tsaang Gubat

A very big farm indeed, blessed with abundant natural medicinal herbs. A byword from Mr. Roquel:

Hangga't humihinga tayo, kailangan natin ng LAGUNDI, hangga't may lamok, kailangan natin ng CITRONELLA

It’s a day well spent with these greens, and with Dra. Elinor and Sir Patrick. Grateful  & Hopeful. May people continue to support alternative medicines and products  from natural, organic and "local" sources. 


About RICHCorp

RICHCorp is a modern green consumer company that specializes in natural organic  ingredients for health care (food supplements and herbal medicines), personal care and household care that combines wealth of experience and expertise in providing innovative, improved and global quality products that enhances consumer lifestyle, health and well-being. Mr. Roquel is the President of RichCorp,  GH NutriPharma and BINHI BioFarm. 


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