The winning performers at Kiwanis 48th ASPAC Convention

Lots of rehearsals which never been posted in social media to surprise everyone. It’s not easy to control especially with the photos wearing the award winning costumes but the whole team cooperated and just took a lot of photos to keep.

Headed by the chairman of the cultural dance to compete in Malaysia for the annual Asia Pacific Convention under Kiwanis International which celebrated the 108th years anniversary this year globally, Maria Luisa Pel of KC of Sunshine of Cavite accepted the endorsement of Governor Johnny Domino to head the delegation.

The dance presentation from Philippine Luzon District, was based on the following concept:

Banga: is a earthen pot made of clay that can be round or spherical jar used for fetching water. 

Salisid: A courtship dance that symbolizes a rooster trying to attract of the attention of a hen.

Ragragsakan dance: is an adaption of a tradition in which Kalinga women gather and prepare for a peace pact.

Sinulog” means “graceful dance”, Sinulog is held in celebration of one of the country's most famous historic relics: the Santo Niño de Cebú.


Maria Luisa Pel to her friends as a leader showed her other side as one of the females who tirelessly rehearsed multiple times at The Manila Hotel to perfect the dance number and won against New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, India and Nepal.


On the other hand, the upcoming governor of Philippine Luzon District who was also part of the dance delegation, Glenda Hufano was also presented together with the upcoming governors in Asia Pacific as part of the Board of Trustees for 2023-2024 event. Some of the performers this year includes Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Daisy Anzures, Dolly Mapili, Venessa Noda and Ezelle Theresa Alvarez Gascon who are all under her division.

Some of the performers are representatives from different division like Fely Contrevida, Miriam Salas and Jenny Donato among others. There’s a total of 22 dance performers and 2 acted as the Datu or King at the end of the show to complete the concept.


The complete winning performers are as follows;


1. Maria Luisa Pel

2. Maria Victoria Regondola

3. Elizabeth Jonson

4. Ezelle Gascon

5. Grace Bondad Nicolas

6. Glenda Hufano

7. Marrife Nuyte

8. Miriam Salas

9. Leah Morante

10. Concepcion Astillero

11. Daisy Anzures

12. Maria Dalisay Mapili

13. Jenny Donato

14. Ledesma Edem

15. Pamela Verdejo

16. Jacques Opeña

17. Olivia Villaluz

18. Vilma Jacama

19. Evelyn Maico

20. Fely Contrevida

21. Rucil Contrevida

22. Felix Grepo

23. Cherry Rose  Rosete

24. Randy Ulnagan


The Asia Pacific Convention under Kiwanis International is a yearly celebration by the members from different parts of the globe with the objective to improve the welfare of the indigent children and statistically provides more than 150,000 service projects annually globally. Glenda is the upcoming Governor that will lead  over 5000 members nationwide which comprises 27 divisions.

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