Kiwanis from various Metro Manila Clubs enjoyed at Illo's Buffet in Adriatico

Illo's Group, a culinary institution renowned for its exceptional gastronomic offerings, has opened its fourth restaurant branch in the vibrant district of Adriatico. With its impressive roster of successful branches in Paranaque, Greenhills, and Makati, the restaurant chain's expansion is an emblem of its exponential growth since its humble beginnings in December 2019 as a ghost kitchen and party trays provider.

Kiwanis International, Philippine Luzon District, Division 3A hold its monthly council meeting last March and in awe plus super enjoyed the wide variety of dishes spreading at the main dining area. The location of Illo’s restaurant is at the 2nd level of Pearl Garden Hotel along Adriatico Street in Malate.


Headed by Lieutenant Governor of Division 3A, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas discussed the following during the meeting;

•Asia Pacific Convention

•US Convention this June 2023

•Upcoming Projects

•Division Conference

•Kiwanis International Dues  

•Kiwanis District Convention.


While enjoying the sumptuous food at Illo’s, Past District Governor Joe Redoblado also discussed a resolution provided and suggested by Kiwanis Club of Pasay and in solidarity, approved also by the division.


Governor Elect Glenda Veloria Hufano attended the council meeting also since she’s from Kiwanis Club of Pasay and for 4 times their President. The division welcomed guests that includes in charge in two organization; Food Rescue and Elemento Magic.


The Kiwanis Team is thankful to the newest opening of Illo's Group's new branch in Adriatico is a testament to Chef N’s, it’s founder and CEO, dedication and passion for providing elevated dining experiences. Each of their restaurants boasts of a thoughtful design that elevates the ambiance, creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that makes diners feel at home. The food, too, is a remarkable blend of traditional Filipino flavors and international cuisine, resulting in a gastronomic adventure that leaves one feeling satisfied and contented.


Kiwanis members from different parts of the globe with the objective to improve the welfare of the indigent children and statistically provides more than 150,000 service projects annually globally. Glenda Veloria Hufano is the upcoming Governor this October 2023 that will lead  over 5000 members nationwide which comprises 27 divisions.

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