SamgYup! in Trinoma: A go-to place for unlimited BBQ lovers

Samgyupsal or Samgyeopsal is a Korean grilled meat dish that has become increasingly popular in the Philippines in recent years. It is typically made by grilling thin slices of pork belly on a grill pan, and then served with various side dishes and dipping sauces. Samgyupsal has become a favorite among Filipinos due to its affordability, flavorful taste, and the do-it-your-own way food preparation. 

In addition to the grilled pork belly, typical side dishes that accompany Samgyupsal in the Philippines include kimchi, pickled radish, lettuce leaves, and various dipping sauces such as sesame oil, ssamjang, doenjang, and gochujang.


One of the restaurants offering this eat all you can Samgyupsal experience is the one located in Trinoma, “SAMGYUP!.” It’s located at the 4F Garden Area with easier access at the Mindanao entrance. It features a modern and cozy ambiance, with comfortable seating and a lively atmosphere. It is open during mall hours for lunch and dinner and they offer a lot of promos like an affordable Happy Hour rate for P499 only. Regular price per head varies depending on the time of day and day of the week, but it is most likely the most affordable deal you can get. 

Plenty of Pork, Beef and Chicken flavors to choose from, plain, buljib, yakiniku, gochujang, yangnum, and bulgogi. Lots of side dishes too, like marble potato, sweet potato, cucumber, onion, radish and kimchi, served with lettuce, rice and soup. 

They also have a new offering, healthy fruit shake combinations, a delicious thirst-quencher perfect for this very hot summer season. 

Pineapple, apple, carrots and mango combination

UnliCity Trinoma "Samgyup!" is a popular destination for families and friends  looking to indulge in unlimited Korean BBQ in a modern and welcoming setting. They also accept group reservations for all occasions. 

SamgYup! Salahat is a restaurant chain in and around Metro Manila that has been around sometime with a lot of branches under the “Unlicity” brand and counting for more as there are under construction soon to open branches and under the management of Zoomanity Eatz.

Opened last October 2019 with a different brand with Zoomanity EatZ CEO, Robert Laurel Yupangco, YUP Gallery Board of Trustee Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas and Zoomanity Group COO May Gamir and Operation Site Manager Sunrise.

According to Robert Laurel Yupangco, Zoomanity EatZ CEO, “We are thankful for the patronage of our customers, we have now 5 branches under our management that includes branches in Century City Mall in Makati, Inside The Residence Inn in Tagaytay, at Alabang Town Center and Subic. Filipinos are into unlimited BBQ and affordable cost with good and quality food.”

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