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AI is everywhere. It has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. And let’s face it, it is making our lives easier nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the field of computer science and technology that focuses on creating intelligent machines or systems that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. AI involves developing computer programs and algorithms that can process, understand, and analyze vast amounts of data, learn from experience, and make decisions or predictions based on that information.

The definition above is AI generated by the way 😊

Jarrhey Dela Pena, Symph COO

AI is here to stay so fear not on the thought of losing your job to it but instead learn how to leverage on its existence. One company or team who is giving AI a dress-up is
Symph. They’re pushing the limits of AI, discovering new possibilities, and fostering a creative and collaborative environment where innovation can thrive with the theme “Build Openly with AI.”

In line with this, they recently launch their 30x30 campaign last April 2023, which challenged their developers to create 30 apps by month-end. Challenge accepted for the devs, they even surpassed their target, they were able to built over 60apps aby April 30.

Many of the applications they built were created with the intention to help professionals with their workload, making processes and systems more efficient. You can check out finished apps like Lesson Planner PH, Test Generators and others here.  

Lesson Planner PH

We also were able to see the demo of their three latest creations, Grognak, Fitness Planner and Prompeteer. Impressive!

Grognak creator, Edson Jay Carreon

Fitplanr creator Ragan Lamoc

Grognak’s job is an AI caveman task to explain complex topics so everyone can understand. FitPlanr on the other hand creates custom-generated gym programs tailored just for you. While Prompeteer, is the chat bot wonderland created by Michael Suarez. It allows anyone to create their very own AI-powered chatbot. I just did, I created “IT Helpdesk” in just I think 2 minutes and published it right away. I could have coined a catchier name for it, but anyway, it's my first!

You too can create and share your very own chat bot.

To stay updated, just follow #SymphAI4Brands. For more information about Symph, visit

Team "Symph"

Symph is a software development consulting firm in the Philippines. They build web and mobile apps for clients. With their current AI app initiatives, their team is dedicated to making AI accessible and enjoyable for everyone, creating a smarter, more connected future.


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