Kape Longgo Cafe and Restaurant, now serving Antipolo!

One of the best Filipino cuisines is from the Western Visayas or the Ilonggo Region. The region offers a rich culinary heritage with a diverse range of flavors, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.  But not all can visit the region physically and try the experience. 

Good news!  Thanks to the passion, dedication and continuous efforts of an Ilonggo in the city, Mr. Jurry Nabaja, now you can have a taste of these delectable cuisines nearby… thru Kape Longgo.


First Branch

Kape Longgo Antipolo officially opened its doors to the public last May 14, 2023, in time for the Mother’s Day. Food enthusiasts longing to have a taste of Bacolod were welcomed with big smiles by the café staff and by the owner, Mr. Jurry Nabaja himself together with his family and friends.

The Nabaja family 

Councilor Masangkay of Antipolo and TV Director and Pililla Councilor Bobet Vidanes graced the opening and gave well-wishes to Kape Longgo.

Antipolo City Councilor Masangkay

TV Director and Pililla Councilor Bobet Vidanes

Referring to Mr. Nabaja… Councilor Vidanes said -- "I like your Mission, “Respect”, i like your Vision, “SMILE”, so i think you have good food here because you have a good heart... for sharing, na-witness ko naman kung papaano ka makisalamuha sa mga tao."

The Place

Antipolo is also home to various restaurants and eateries that offer a wide range of Filipino dishes. Kape Longgo is a great addition to them.

Kape Longgo at A-Sun Centre

Located at the ground Level A-Sun Centre, 25 M. Santos Ext, Corner L. Sumulong Memorial Circle. Kape Longgo exudes a cozy ambiance with a taste of Bacolod culture, colorful and vibrant, cheerful and hospitable, always with a big smile!

“Sir Jurry wants to bring that culture here, to give us a glimpse of what is like to be in the city of smiles."  says Mr. Jireh De Oca, SVP of Nabaja group of companies.

Guests can opt to stay on the ground floor or go up to the mezzanine level. Nothing to worry though for your pictures, both areas are instagrammable.

The Food

Kape Longgo Café and Restaurant serves authentic Bacolod dishes like Chicken Inasal, Kansi, KBL, Callos, Binakol, Laswa and many more. During the opening, we have tried Kansi, Callos and Binakol. With an obvious twist and taste of Bacolod, I must say the dishes are exceptional and worth trying.

Chicken Binakol

Also, thinking of the kids’ tastebuds, Spaghetti, Carbonara, Sandwiches and Fried Chicken are also available in their menu. They also serve snacks, breakfast items and student meals.


The Coffee


The “Kape” in the name Kape Longgo is for Coffee.

From classic brews to artisanal blends, Kape Longgo’s hot coffee selection is brewed to perfection with the finest beans and ingredients. Have a taste of Latte, Machiato and Americano together with your favorite cakes and pastries in the counter. You still have plenty of coffee options, checkout their menu board.

Cold juices, Frappes and Smoothies are also available to quench your thirst during hot summer season.


From the City of Smiles to World Smiles


Mr. Jurry Nabaja, the owner of Kape Longgo Café and Restaurant and CEO of the Nabaja group of companies, is looking forward for having other branches to open very soon, in fact, the second branch is already under construction.

Mr. Jurry Nabaja, Owner of Kape Longgo

“On behalf of the entire team of Kape Longgo Café and Restaurant, I want to express my deepest thanks to all of you for joining us today to celebrate the grand opening of our very first restaurant. Actually, this is 2-years of preparations and plans…and prayers too, to get to this point. We are thrilled to share our passion for food, which are the Ilonggo cuisines (since I’m an Ilonggo) As you see with our vision, From the City of Smiles to World Smiles, we hope that today’s experience was just the beginning of many more meals (and smiles) to come. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience. And we are committed to continuing to provide exceptional service and delicious food to all who walk though our doors. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve, and we are looking forward to welcoming you back soon. To God be the glory.” Mr. Nabaja concluded.

Success in the cafe and restaurant industry requires passion, dedication, and continuous effort. It is important to stay committed to your mission, vision and core values, adapt to challenges, and consistently deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. 


To know more about Kape Longgo’s menu, pricing, and promos, visit www.facebook.com/kapelonggo. For inquiries and engagements, email info@kapelonggo.com or call 0917 328 6880


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