MerNel’s supports the Rising Tigers Cup as part of their commitment to promote sports development

MerNel’s, a prominent company in the business industry, recently had the honor of participating in a significant activity aimed at promoting sports and business collaboration. Alongside Ms. Butch Averion of Robinsons Bank & Los Banos Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Ezelle Gascon from PNB and Kiwanis International, they were invited to join the Photo and Video Shoot of Rising Tigers Magazine for the Launch of the Rising Tigers Cup.

The said Photo and video shoot activities took place on July 1, 2023 in Batangas. By participating in such initiatives, MerNel’s actively demonstrated its commitment to promoting sports as an essential component of the business world.


Sports have long been recognized as a powerful catalyst for unity, teamwork, and personal growth. Beyond their intrinsic value, sports also offer tremendous opportunities for business growth and development. Companies that engage in sporting events and collaborations often find themselves fostering valuable relationships and expanding their networks.


The Rising Tigers Cup on August 7 at Manila Golf and Country Club will be the biggest for this year in the Philippines in terms of participation of the business leaders and nation builders with an overwhelming promotion for the benefit of the indigent children under the projects of Kiwanis Club of Makati.


Making Golf more interesting


Rising Tigers Magazine will have a networking activity during breakfast and lunch at Manila Golf & Country Club on August 7, 2023. The organizers invited the previous honorees of Asia Leaders Awards to join the festivities and different brands to showcase their products and services. 


The CMO, Andria Terese Nicolas brought her Rising Tigers team in Lipa Batangas to play that includes H.E Ambassador Melvin Castileno of Malaysia who is one of the co presenter at Rising Tigers Cup, Brian Poe Llamanzares and Michael Pacquiao among others.


The Rising Tigers Cup will not only showcased the passion for sports but also highlighted the significance of collaboration and camaraderie among industry players also emphasizing the importance of synergy and partnership in driving business success.


MerNel's participation and represented by Ronald Calibo in the Photo and Video Shoot of Rising Tigers Magazine for the Launch of the Rising Tigers Cup exemplifies the company's commitment to promoting sports in the business world. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the value of sports in fostering relationships and driving growth within the industry. By actively engaging in these events, MerNel’s continues to pave the way for a more integrated and prosperous business community.

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