ZIPAIR now offers budget-friendly Manila-Tokyo flights just in time for your next Japan discovery!

Starting July 1, 2023, Japan’s low-cost airline ZIPAIR ( has expanded its network to include the Manila-Tokyo route, with daily direct flights between the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Narita Airport, giving more Filipinos a new convenient way to explore every corner of Japan brimming with culture and tradition.

ZIPAIR, which operates under Japan Airlines, offers attractive flight tickets while making sure that every passenger experience quality services while onboard its eco-friendly aircraft. Its planes are equipped with free internet service, extensive in-flight entertainment options, and onboard shopping experiences.

Seating options are also being offered to travelers as its aircraft have full flat seats, giving more room for passengers to lie down completely.


Manila is the latest destination to be included in ZIPAIR’s growing network. Aside from the Philippines, the airline also links Narita in Tokyo to Singapore, and key cities in Thailand, South Korea, and the USA.


Japan is home to unique and interesting customs, traditions perfectly blended with modernity and mouthwatering dishes that have become popular globally.


Just in the heart of Japan, Tokyo offers a rich mix of modern appearance, nature spots, arts, and historical sites— including the famous intersection Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya Sky, an observatory that offers the panoramic view of Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Shrine where you can feel the serenity in the middle of the city, anime lovers' haven Akihabara, and newly established Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter, to name a few.


From the busy capital of Tokyo, Filipinos can jump to other prefectures given Japan’s efficient public transportation.


For the second half of 2023 alone, Filipinos can still catch Niigata prefecture’s art festival Echigo Tsumari Art Field 2023 with hundreds of artworks—making it the world’s largest outdoor exhibition. Set on August 16, Kyoto is also gearing up for the hypnotic bonfires of the Gozan no Okuribi, which would feature massive bonfires lit on five  mountainsides in the region.


Toyama, meanwhile, is thrilled to welcome visitors for its centuries-old Owara Kaze-no-Bon Festival, where spectators can witness the prefecture’s traditional folk dances parading through Yatsuo’s historic streets. The festival is scheduled on September 1 to 3.


Filipino basketball fans are also in for a treat when they travel to Okinawa as they will have the opportunity to watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup live from August 25 to September 10. Aside from the international basketball competition, Filipinos can also enjoy exploring Okinawa’s nature adventures, local cuisine, traditional crafts like Ryukyu glass, music, and among others.


The number of Filipinos traveling to Japan has reached 277,100 from January-June 2023, which is almost 94% of the travelers in 2019 during the same period. Since Japan resumed welcoming inbound travelers for tourism purposes in October 2022, the number of tourists has been recovering.


ZIPAIR is committed to growing its international network, promising foreign travelers, including Filipinos, seamless air travel to the wonders of Japan.


For more downloadable photos and videos of Japan's beautiful and exciting tourist attractions, you may visit the Japan Online Media Center (JOMC) (

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