Philippine Airlines and Rising Tigers Magazine: Unveiling the Visionaries, celebrating the Remarkable Leaders of Our Time

In the quest to unearth the names that echo through the corridors of our time – leaders spanning the realms of business, politics, and diplomacy,  Philippine Airlines and Rising Tigers Magazines presents the featured leaders for the end of the year issue this December.

Rising Tigers Magazine at the PAL Mabuhay Lounge

On October 23, 2023, history will be penned at the iconic The Manila Hotel, as we gather to celebrate these honorees who embody the very essence of change, innovation, and progress for the greater good.

The narratives of these remarkable individuals share a common thread. They were driven by a fervor from a tender age, a passion that took root in their hearts and never wavered. It is this ardor, this unwavering sense of purpose, that has propelled them to success and rendered them exemplary figures, continuing to inspire a nation. They are, undeniably, the architects of our nation's destiny.

As we hold steadfast to our position as the premier business magazine, widely distributed in National Bookstores and the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge, Rising Tigers Magazine is proud to feature these distinguished leaders in our December issue. It marks the culmination of a year filled with national activities, a time for reflection on an era in which resilience prevailed, and the indomitable leaders who surmounted colossal global challenges.

Rising Tigers Magazine is led by a distinguished team, with Robert Laurel Yupangco serving as Chairman of the Board, and CEO Andrew Troy Nicolas, COO Grace Bondad Nicolas, CMO Andria Terese Nicolas, as well as esteemed Shareholders Brian Poe Llamanzares, Atty. Arnel & Sarah Mateo, BOD Dr. Elton See Tan, Tanyu III, and Consul David Ackerman, guiding our journey of discovery and inspiration.

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