Rising Tigers Magazine Captains of the Industries

On December 19, 2023, the most distributed Rising Tigers magazine capped 2023 with a presentation of the Captains of Industries at the residence of the Malaysian Ambassador H.E Dato Melvin Malik Castellino Bin Anthony. 

The event started with the Welcome Remarks of the Malaysian Ambassador H.E Dato Melvin Malik Castellino Bin Anthony. 

Malaysian Ambassador H.E Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castellino^

“I would like to express my whole gratitude to everyone for gathering here tonight at my residence,  Most especially to Andrew Troy Nicolas, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Andria Terese Nicolas and the whole team behind the magazine. The Malaysian Embassy will always support the ideals and vision of Rising Tigers.  For me a leader is someone who is active in service and does everything in their power to build a better nation. We are grateful that we have you as the Captains of Industries as an inspiration to the people.”

The CMO of Rising Tigers Magazine, Andria Terese Nicolas, shared the Magazines message to the leaders. 

CMO of Rising Tigers Magazine Andria Terese Nicolas ^ 

Once you decide to partake in service, in any industry, you are contributing to Nation Building. Leadership is an endless and noble pursuit in many ways. That is what we in Rising Tigers believe, and we need you, through collaboration we can handle the greatest obstacles every nation faces. Let this be the start of creating a true story of hope.

It is us who are here that will give meaning to the work of what the leaders left behind in this world. The leaders of tomorrow will also put meaning to the things we will do today. You should realize everything you did is historically valuable and will forever be written. We should collectively come together and write a story of hope for our next generation of leaders.”

The Keynote Speaker is the President of Philippine Airlines, Captain Stanley Ng. 

President of Philippine Airlines Capt. Stanley Ng. ^

“A Leader is someone who sets an example for his people. Vision is essential to become an effective leader. You're not cut out to be a leader without dreams. Our message to the world along with the Captains of Industry, is that they continue to share to the world their masterful story of excellence.”

For the closing ceremony is Brian Poe Llamanzares, the Co-Owner of Rising Tigers Magazine.

Co-Owner of Rising Tigers Magazine Brian Poe Llamanzares ^

“Today we are honoring the Captains of Industry and what a time it is to be honoring them. After all, it is the Christmas season. This is the best time to be honoring Captains of Industry because this is our time to remind them to also give back to society.The success of any entrepreneur is built both on their hard work and the acceptance of the market or the people.”

He shared what it means to be a Captain of Industry and the responsibility they have for the Nation.

“As Captains of Industry, it is also our responsibility to give back to the country. I know you have been doing it. Many of the names on the list have been contributing and have been the reason that we’ve made it through the pandemic. So now that we are beyond the pandemic, it is time to grow, but to grow together and to remember that growth should always be inclusive. After all, what’s the point in being a rising tiger if we’re not rising together.”

The esteemed featured leaders that is deemed the Captains of Industries are Comelec Chairman George Erwin Garcia, Angkas Founder George Royeca, Brilliant Skin CEO Glenda Dela Cruz Victorio, Korina Sanchez,  Department of Agriculture Secretary Francis Tiu Laurel, Clark Development Secretary Agnes Devenadera, Shawarma Shack President Walther Buenavista, The Manila Times President Dante “Klink” Ang, JC Worldwide founders Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, President of PCCI Eunina Mangio, Sta. Elena Construction and Development President Alice Eduardo, Malaysian Ambassador H. E Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castellino,House of Laurel Founder Rajo Laurel, Chief Marketing of Ever Bilena Denice Sy Munez. Ambassadors who are also present is Ambassador of Belgium H.E Michel Parys, and Ambassador of Thailand H.E Tull Traisorat.

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