NComputing Desktop Virtualization

Do you need more computer units but lacks the budget? Do you have enough budget but lacks space? Either way, Ncomputing is the solution for you.

NComputing is the FASTEST growing desktop virtualization company in the world today. 

Desktop virtualization is a software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it.  Or simply put, it’s like utilizing the power of 1 physical device distributed to several workstations.

In the Philippines, NComputing has become one of the most common desktop virtualization technology in used. Distributed by Vinea Distribution Inc (VDI),  DepEd is it’s largest client in the world and our country, is their 2nd largest client in Asia.  VDI has deployed thousands of Ncomputing units in all the DepEd schools in all the regions in the country. 

I actually have first-hand experienced on this product and I loved it!  About 4 years ago, We acquired our first ncomputing units from Mustard Seed (

our Ncomputing setup

We piloted it first in our main campus installed in the faculty lounges and libraries. Satisfied by it’s performance, we also deployed them in the rest of our campuses. 

Their technology is tried and tested to deliver cost efficiency to users. We got significant savings on the initial setup cost because instead of buying 4 individual desktop PCs, we just bought 1 computer, 4 monitors, keyboard and mouse and their 4-in-1 package. It’s like saving at least 50% on capital expenditures. Also, there’s a long term savings on the operational costs. Our electricity consumption and maintenance costs went down by an estimated 75%. 

No doubt NComputing is the rising star in desktop virtualization. Corporations and schools are choosing it over the rest of the options available in the market. It’s Space saver, economical, environment friendly and durable! Can’t wait to try their latest model, the MX series!

For questions about NComputing, please contact: (02) 7050-VDI or 7050-834 | |

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