Quickbooks Online (Intuit)

Quickbooks has been in the market for quite a long period of time already. It is being used by small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. It’s a complete Accounting System in a box and has proven it’s functionality to its users.

Good news! Now it is available online. Dubbed as Quickbooks Online or QBO, the ever reliable Accounting System is now on the cloud. Isn’t it great news that you can now take your books and journals with you wherever you work?  You can create quotes and invoices wherever you are, with a few taps.

Quickbooks Online (QBO) is considered one of the best, if not the best software for Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprises. It’s easy to use  and is very affordable. No installation required, less paper to track. You can collaborate remotely with your staff, no clunky files. Less stress for everyone! The one-user plan is perfect for sole proprietors who do their accounting themselves. See why SMEs in the Philippines love Quickbooks Online, click here, www.intuit.ph/index.jsp

Ask how to get a free trial --- contact jeric@mseedsystems.com | (02) 535 7333

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