An Overview Of The MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy)

Traveling in flight delays, baggage or money loss, accidents, and illnesses are common predictions experienced by travelers. Pack a travel insurance that really has your back and explore the world with greater peace of mind. MSIG travel insurance is one of the most popular brand insurance in Singapore. MSIG features tiers of travel insurance plans in each category to meet different levels of coverage for all types of travel destinations and travel duration.
TravelEasy has the choices that best suits your travel needs.
Plan Type
Medical Coverage (Overseas)
Pre-Ex Standard
$ 5,000
Pre-Ex Elite
Pre-Ex Premier
Key features
  • Comprehensive cover with over 50 benefits
  • Adventurous activities cover now includes dog sledding, tobagganing, sledging and ice-skating
  • Increased limits for Terrorism Cover
Plan highlights
Maternity-related Overseas Medical Expenses
Covers medical expenses incurred overseas due to pregnancy-related illnesses such as nausea and giddiness. 
Replacement of Traveller
Pays for the charges incurred for change of traveller should the insured person suffer from serious injury, illness, death or that of their family member or travel companion 30 days prior to their trip. 
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Increased cover from $500,000 to $1,000,000 for the Standard Plan 
Insolvency of Licensed Travel Operator
List of travel operators expanded to include travel agencies registered with the Singapore Tourism Board (includes NATAS registered travel agencies). 
Delayed Departure
Pays for additional administrative and travel expenses incurred to book alternative transport to the same destination should there be delays to the public transport due to strike, riot, civil commotion, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, breakdown of public transport or closure of airport. 

Standard Plan is a free package for individuals who are budget conscious or who already have other personal insurance. However, the Standard Plan excludes some benefits:
  • Maternity Medical Expenses Overseas
  • Overseas ICU Hospitalization Daily Benefit
  • Wedding Clothing and Accessories
  • Fraudulent Use of Credit Card
  • Credit Card Outstanding Balance
  • Legal Expenses for Wrongful Arrest or Detention, etc.
Elite and Premier Plan caters to travelers who wants a wider range and those who travel for specific purposes such as a bridal shoot or sporting activities.
TraveEasy Pre-Ex Plan is tailored to the unique needs of travelers with pre-existing conditions. It also offers pre-existing coverage of medical conditions for competitive premiums and is stocked with various peace benefits that individual travelers may find.
Leisure Activities and Covered
The important thing to note is that the cheapest Standard Plan is limited in scope if you are planning anything other than a normal city flight. It does not cover most outdoor activities.
The higher-tier plans cover a whole slew of outdoor activities, including those commonly listed here:
Outdoor activity
Covered by MSIG
Hot air balloon
Elite & Premier only
Scuba diving
Elite & Premier only (up to 30m)
Skiing and other ice/snow sports
Elite & Premier only
Hiking or trekking
Elite & Premier only (up to 3,000m)
Mountaineering or outdoor rock climbing
Elite & Premier only (up to 3,000m)
Marathons or other competitions
Elite & Premier only (marathon up to 42.195km)
Jet skiing
Elite & Premier only
White water rafting
Elite & Premier only (up to Grade 3)
Skydiving and Bungee Jumping
Elite & Premier only
Paragliding, hang gliding or parachuting
Elite & Premier only
Although MSIG’s listed prices of travel insurance plans may seem daunting at first glance, there is usually a promotion to keep their prices competitive, such as the current 50% discount on travel plans is now 60% discounts for Pre-existing medical conditions cover and regular MSIG’s plans and 20% off Annual plans. This offer ends on August 16, 2019.
As long as the continuation is 60%, I would say it’s worth buying travel insurance from MSIG. Price is competitive against different travel insurance plans here in Singapore.
If you would like to learn more about the MSIG Travel insurance plan in more detail, you may refer to the insurer’s official documentation.
Policy Wording Document Read Now
Policy Brochure Read Now
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