Bucket List Summit 2019: A Review

In our everyday lives, we are always confronted by the thought of mortality through the different media like the murder we hear from the news, the accidents we witness along the road, the diseases that act as a time bomb, the passing away of our loved ones – death is manifested everywhere, anywhere, at any moment in time. 

Death symbolizes the mortality of human beings and their finite existence.

If death is surprising, how can we then prepare for it? The initial question we have to ask ourselves is “What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?”

In completing a goal and ticking off our list of things to do one by one, we then can pass with the idea our lives meant something, that there is some record of our existence, and we can let go of life feeling more accomplished.

It is better to be prepared. This was Bucket List Summit’s objective.

Held last October 19-20 at the SMX Aura, the summit features expert speakers on Life topics such as:
  • Atty Rex Enrico DV Cruz III – One Last Legal Task
  • Nelson Dy – Capture the Memories
  • Dr. Didoy Lubaton – Physical Concerns as we Age
  • Trixie Esguerra – Make Your Dreams your reality
  • Naira Orbeta – We Know, We should, but we don’t
  • Celeste Lecaroz – Paint your Happiness
  • Chinkee Tan – Retiring Young and Reach
  • Harriet, a wholeness coach – Keys to Inner Well-being
  • Jojo Acosta – Voice as a tool to greatness
Painter Celeste Lecaroz shares her story

Chinkee Tan on Retiring Young & Rich

Jojo Acosta with her student proves that Voice is a tool to greatness

The Bucket List Organizers with Mr. Chinkee Tan

Book Signing

Bucket List Summit is a transformative event aimed to change your perspective about death and how a finite life could be purposeful and meaningful despite its brevity. Brought to you by BLISS (Beyond Life Seminar Series).

There are so many takeaways from this summit, so much to realize, learn and put into action. To mention a few, "Paint with emotion and observation", "Do what you love doing, everything else will follow", "Have a glimpse of the sacred and Divine", "Own your uniqueness", "Vision Boards", "Ageism", "Last Act of Love", "Capitalizing on your Skills set" and "practical Tipid Tips". 

Please do look forward for the Bucket List Summit 2020! 

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