SAM stays strong despite pandemic Covid-19

Life must go on with Covid-19 around every corner. We cannot be cowards to stop our lives from evolving just so because we are afraid of it. We must learn how to live courageously but at the same time, “safely” with it.

As most part of the Metropolis has gone MECQ again due to rising figures of Covid 19 infections, SAM copes up with it.

SAM founder, Mr. Rommel Santos said, they have learned to cope up with the global virus and they could hardly feel the financial impact of the health disease in terms of subscription. It only takes its’ toll on the delay of compliance with some government amenabilities in the Philippines due to MECQ for SAM to  “fully” operate in the country. 

SAM, by the way is fully operational in quite a number of countries globally.

“This only means that Covid-19 cannot stop us in doing what we are doing now,”  Santos said. Just like Covid-19, SAM is global .  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With SAM, you can continue earning while under this pandemic situation. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, SAM has varied types of investments globally, and these investments are most likely to stay safe on prime businesses operating worldwide.

To affirm SAM’s presence in the Philippines, the Securities and Exchange Commission has already issued the certificate to SAMPD (Smart Asset Managers Project Developments) last July 31, making its operation legal. However, permits and licenses for its other conventional businesses like SAM Remittance, SAM Ride, SAM Delivery are still pending as MECQ came into the picture last week.

To join SAM, you have to be a subscriber. Earnings are in DDK (Dinar Dirham Koin – SAM’s preferred crypto currency). “The rewards received by SAM subscribers are pumped in daily in their respective wallets or accounts, regardless whether there is Covid-19 or otherwise”, Santos explained. SAM people must become more aggressive in inviting additional subscribers, to create more projects under SAMPD and “leverage” from it effectively.

Watch out as SAM app will soon be coming out!

To know more,  please check SAM's Facebook page or contact any of SAM’s business consultants thru calling 0912-3438388 or emailing 

Watch out for the new and improved SAM app, coming out soon!

Stay safe and earning guys! J


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