Rising Tigers Magazine 4th signing event at the NBS SM Megamall


May 20, 2024, Rising Tigers Magazine held its 4th Magazine Signing of the year at the National Book Store, SM Megamall. The event showcased the magazine's current featured leaders, headed by its Editor-in-Chief, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas.

The Queens of the Kings Industries Ms. Cory Navarro & Camille Navarro Makasiar during the magazine signing at the NBS Megamall

Featured leaders present includes Cory Navarro, Camille Navarro Makasiar, Anna Magkawas, John Calub, Jenny Lin Maaño Ngai, Millet Cruz and Merle Mendoza Balicao.

John Calub

Merle Mendoza Balicao of Mer-Nels

Ms. Anna Magkawas

The event was the most well attended celebration since the scholars of philanthropist Cory Navarro showed their support and the followers of social media sensation Millet Cruz strongly head to the venue for their idol.

Rising Tigers Magazine Board Dr. Elton See Tan was first to arrive in the venue followed by the main cover featured leaders Cory and Camille, the mother and daughter duo of Kings Group of Companies.

Rising Tigers Magazine has become the number one business and lifestyle magazine in the country by not only inspiring readers but also sharing the challenges and successes of the leaders it features. Its widespread distribution in National Book Stores and Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounges has contributed to its popularity. Additionally, the magazine aims to promote the Philippines as the premier business and travel destination in Asia through the compelling stories of these leaders.

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